Special Purpose Valuation

Obtain a complete picture of the value of your property to understand the factors that could make your investment grow. Omega Property Consultants is here to help with a wide range of special purpose valuation services. We are among the select few in Sydney to specialise in special purpose and open space properties.

Property estimates are simply not enough to measure just how much value your land holds. We thoroughly review property information, utilising decades of Sydney real estate experience to provide comprehensive and accurate valuation services.

Special Purpose Property Valuation

Special purpose property encompasses buildings and spaces that are meant for limited use or serves a single function. Typically, this form of property has been set aside for a public purpose including schools, places of worship, roads, drainage, infrastructure, to name a few.

As these properties are designed for a specific function, they have limited marketability and potential market segment. Such is the case with churches and educational institutions, for instance. Due to their unique characteristics, determining their value can prove to be a difficult task.

Here at Omega Property Consultants, we are always up to the challenge to review any kind of property. Our team of registered property valuers have provided valuation services for nearly any special purpose property type built in Sydney. Included in our process is the valuation of infrastructure assets and income resources.

Open Space

Open space is any kind of land that offers public access and is generally devoid of buildings. Depending on its usage, an open space can nurture and preserve natural and agricultural resources. It also protects and perpetuates a cultural identity while offering public functions that benefit the community.

An essential part in modern urban development, green open spaces cultivate a healthier lifestyle among city dwellers. On May 2016, it was announced that the City of Sydney would allocate $400 million for open space and new recreational facilities over the next 15 years.

The main purchaser of open space in the NSW is generally local councils and government authorities. As an owner, you may believe that if your property is identified as open space or public recreation on a zoning map, your property has limited value. We can discuss the process to derive the value of this type of property and undertake negotiations on your behalf if required.

Let Omega Property Consultants determine the value of open spaces in your district. We analyse the social, economic and physical factors that contribute to their value. Effects on zoning and restrictions on land use are also covered in our assessment.

Strong Track Record in Real Estate

Leave it to our knowledgeable and honest team of registered property valuers to give you the valuation services your investment requires. We specialise in Sydney real estate and have experience in serving a variety of properties all over the region, including Parramatta and various Sydney suburbs.

Properties we handle include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Churches and chapels
  • Hospitals and hospices
  • Golf courses
  • Nature reserves
  • Parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Plazas and squares
  • Race tracks
  • Sports fields

Omega Property Consultants is a proud member of The Australian Property Institute (API). The API aims to uphold strict standards for the entire property industry. As of this writing, the organisation is affiliated with thousands of real estate professionals within Sydney alone. Aside from property advisers and analysts, API opens membership to property lawyers, asset managers and researchers.

Special Purpose Property Valuations - Sydney Real Estate

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