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Getting a house price estimate may be good for when you’re shopping around for options. When it comes to making a decision, however, an estimate does not do you any favours. Obtain a professional property valuation instead. Leave it to our team of registered valuers at Omega Property Consultants to get it done for you.

A business review from The Australian reports that the last weekend of February 2017 was the biggest one yet for Sydney’s property markets. There was a record number of home sales at the auctions, with Sydney clearing 81.5 percent.

With this impressive boom in purchases, it seems to be the best time to invest in new property. There is a common misconception that residential properties, in particular, are guaranteed to go up in value. The truth is, not all properties make for a good investment.

Determining Real Value

Perhaps you’ve asked yourself, “How much is my house worth?”. To get the correct answer to that, you cannot simply backtrack and check for how much you paid for the property. You also don’t factor in the total costs that went into the construction of your home. Cost alone does not accurately determine home values.

A valuer will determine the value of the home taking into account the quality, size and condition of your home as well as the current market conditions. Other determining factors include recent market evidence that has transacted in the area and comparison to this evidence which will identify where your property will fit amongst the market evidence.

When buying a home or investment, a property valuation is not only beneficial but also necessary as it gives you the most comprehensive market value. The same applies to people selling their houses.

By today’s standards, a professional property valuer has become a requirement for multiple legal procedures. You would usually need a property valued for official processes such as matrimonial or family trust settlements, accounting and taxation (including stamp duty, capital gains tax and self managed super fund periodic reporting), compulsory acquisition and negotiation purposes.

Look no further than Omega Property Consultants for a detail-oriented, efficient team of valuation professionals. We stick to the guidelines that we have set for ourselves every time we conduct a valuation on any property. As valuers, we are obliged to be impartial and act as independent experts.. Our methods are completely objective and completed in accordance with the API (Australian Property Institute) Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct.

Our findings and analyses are typically presented in a valuation report. Upon request we can also tailor our advice to be in a shorter format based on client requirements. This provides a cost saving to our clients as they don’t have to pay full price for a complete format report when all they need is concise information. The valuation report is a thorough and formal assessment of property value that clients can use for any legal purposes it might serve them.

Property Valuation Experts in Sydney

Unlike a real estate agent, a property valuer does not offer mere appraisals. Instead of broad ranges with little research to support findings, you can trust that you will get accurate and reliable advice from a property valuation expert. We offer property valuations all over Sydney.

At Omega Property Consultants, we specialise in residential and commercial real estate valuation, to name a few. We serve all suburbs and areas within Sydney. As an established name in the industry, we are adamant in upholding the highest standards in valuation services.

Collectively, our property consultants have decades of experience in a wide array of property types and classes. We undertake valuations for properties falling under the following categories:

Special Purpose

property valuations Sydney

Request a Property Value Quote

If you’ve asked yourself, “How do I know the value of my home?” but cannot arrive at a definite answer, it’s time to call a valuer (not a word). Speak with one today by calling the Omega Property Consultants office at 02 8005 8581. Please do not hesitate to request a quote. We will be more than happy to oblige.

You can also visit our office to consult with us in person. Our address is Suite 409A, 5 Celebration Drive, Bella Vista NSW 2153. All information you provide is kept in strict confidence. In addition, please be reminded that we do not visit your property without speaking to you first.


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