Commercial Valuation

In 2016, commercial property sales reached $370 million in Sydney’s Inner East suburbs. In 2017, the New South Wales government projects a sale of over $100 million in commercial property in Sydney’s CBD alone. In fact, Sydney as a whole has been ranked the 10th most traded commercial real estate investment market around the world. Omega Property Consultants are the experts to call for all your commercial valuation needs in Sydney.

Commercial Property Valuation

Find out your commercial property’s value and the factors that can help you grow your figures with our commercial valuation services. Omega Property Consultants is one of Sydney’s best consultancy firms for the job.

Whether you sell or buy commercial property, you must be knowledgeable of its cumulative value. This value covers asset net worth, income generation and market positioning, among many others. Furthermore, it is also worth noting that some commercial properties will be equipped with fixtures. All in all, valuing commercial property entails great attention to detail and a strong understanding of the existing market, current developments and a foresight of upcoming trends. We have all of these qualities across our professional team.

Elevating Industry Standards in Valuations

“How much is my property worth?” Now that’s a question you’ve asked yourself and if not, ask our team. Our commendable work ethic and educated insights are crucial in determining significant figures and dynamic strategies.

The local real estate industry has benefited largely from what Omega Property Consultants has to offer. Many clients have entrusted us to take care of their property valuation reports. Going beyond the basics of property valuation, we offer commercial property valuation services all over Sydney to enable commercial property sellers and buyers to plot their next strategic move.

The team behind Omega Property Consultants is skilled in valuing a diverse range of commercial assets. Regardless of whether you have office buildings for sale or a corporate space for rent, we have the ability to cater to a large spectrum of property portfolios.

Calculating the Full Value of Commercial Properties in Sydney

It’s easy to think that you can get a good picture of what your company facilities are worth through readily available information like capitalisation growth and income stream. However, your property’s true value goes beyond those components alone. With a thorough commercial property valuation, you are guaranteed increased valuation accuracy.

For a lot of property owners, getting an insight into this true value gives them a reason to see if selling their company is feasible. With the help of property valuers, you see the growth of your asset through the years..

Aside from offices and business locations, we also provide commercial valuations for warehouses, factories, retail investments, shopping centres, development sites.

Omega Property Consultants Commercial Valuation Sydney

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